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About KCI

Gil Laware

Gil Laware

Gil Laware is Managing Partner of Information By Design, LLC. He was formerly an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology in the College of Technology at Purdue University he has taught courses in internet technologies, applications and systems development, web and database management systems, object-oriented programming, and systems analysis and design methodologies. Prior to joining the Purdue faculty, Gil was an Associate Director for Fujitsu Consulting, Manager of Data Services for Whirlpool Corporation and held various managerial and consultative roles with the IBM Corporation.

He is the Vice President of Finance of the DAMA Foundation and has been a member of the DAMA International Board of Directors.


During his 30 plus years working in Fortune 50 environments, Gil developed expertise in Business Process Redesign, Business Performance Management, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning, Manufacturing systems, Customer Relationship Management, Data Architecture and Management, and IT Management. Gil worked as Manager of Customer Data for a group that provided customer demographic information for IBM’s Corporate and U.S. Marketing and Service Divisions. He developed an information and data integration strategy for IBM’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing unit.

As the Vice President of Information Resources for Franklin Savings Bank, he managed the information management organization responsible for architecture implementation and business process improvement. As the President of Management Support Systems, he wrote a key NIST chapter discussing the gaps that exist in the software development process that supports manufacturing systems. Currently, he is the Vice President of Operations and Research for the DAMA Foundation.

He provides training seminars on business and IT strategic planning approaches for CIOs and IT Managers internationally.