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Business, Enterprise and Other Architectures

Created Date Sunday, 01 May 2011
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The Skeptical Architect - Architecture, Wherefore Art Thou?

The Skeptical Architect

By: Gil Laware & Frank Kowalkowski

There is a profusion of terms that are used to describe ‘architecture’ today. The terms depend on whether you are on the business side or the IT side of the fence. It is time to understand these terms better and perhaps resolve how they fit together and relate to each other.

The architecture idea:
‘Architecture’ as applied to organizations is replete with confusion and contradiction. Start with the basic terms used….architecture… should we say business architecture (the business focus) or enterprise architecture (the IT focus)? Both terms (and a few others) have proponents and detractors, definitions, interpretations and the ‘correct’ viewpoint. If the ‘architecture frameworks’ are examined (e.g. TOGAF, DODAF etc.) we see that they are mainly methodologies. The exception is the Zachman framework which is a real framework and the progenitor of the term enterprise architecture.

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