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Management Science – Analytics for Business Improvement

Created Date Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Modified Date Tuesday, 03 July 2018
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Being Big Data and Analytics Aware

By Frank Kowalkowski,
President Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

Not just data but immense data

Today we all need to be clearly aware of the benefits and issues that surround big data and the matching analytics that provide the value in using the data. Mobility of Internet of Thing (IoT) is not just a cell phone but the movement of wearable data devices such as health monitors/trackers, tablets, sensors, watches, geo-locators and many other devices depending on occupation and interest. The IoT extends to all the sensors that are currently in place and those scheduled for deployment over the next 10 years and beyond. If you are a government then you are concerned with data from sensors for traffic flow, data on crime rates and locations, high traffic areas and accident rates plus many added items of data. If you are s product company like an auto manufacturer then you might be interested in in all the sensors in the car, the capability of detecting car issues, reporting them to some central place and providing feedback to the owner or dealer about patterns or specific needs of an auto owner. All these sensors generate huge amounts of data.

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Created Date Friday, 17 April 2015
Modified Date Tuesday, 03 July 2018
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Business Analysis and Leveraging the Emerging Analytic Techniques

By: Frank Kowalkowski

Predictive analytics is a hot buzz word today. However, predictive analytics is just one of several categories of business analytics that can be applied to the variety of business problems that confront management today. New categories of analytic techniques are now available that yield greater insight for achieving a specific solution.

Companies understand the value of applying different analytic techniques to their caches of data they have been gathering and cleaning for the past 10 to 15 years. Now, more complex problem solving situations are prompting analysts to delve deeper into the data they have, regardless of its form - text, quantities, images, sound clips or any other source of information about the enterprise and its external environment. Effective analysis of both internal and external data provides valuable insight into the behavior of customers, employees, suppliers and others

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Created Date Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Modified Date Tuesday, 03 July 2018
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Digitization and BI - The Digital Business meets Business Intelligence

The Digital Business meets Business Intelligence

By Frank Kowalkowski, President Knowledge Consultants, Inc.
Michael G. Miller , Principal, Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

BI today is under duress from the influx of large amounts of data. It is not clear whether BI should just expand what it does to include this influx or create a separate path of a new type of BI that extracts best value from the emerging wave of data. There are several sources and technologies driving this increase in data and there are new algorithms and types of conclusions that we can get from the analytics. Also, the users of this data may be changing from just management to operators of the organization processes. In this article we suggest some interpretation of what is going on and some possible direction an organization and its BI can take to deal with the emerging data issues.

Large volumes of data are thundering into Business Intelligence
Right now one of the largest contributors to the digital enterprise is the Internet of Things (IoT) . What becomes of the huge amount of digital data that is being generated by emerging technology like IoT today ? What part of it relates to managing a business? Several billion people are part of the IoT phenomenon. Seven out of ten people on the planet have access to a cell phone today and re generating huge amounts of social data. A ll this is accounting for t he rapid increase i n the amounts of digital information.

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Created Date Thursday, 17 March 2016
Modified Date Tuesday, 03 July 2018
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Tunnels, Funnels and Cascades - Increasing Market Penetration

The Funnel Idea

By: Frank Kowalkowski

How many times have you heard someone say thousands of people come to our website but few buy anything? Even in a store you here sellers say we get hundreds of people into our store each day but few buy anything and what they buy is not what we expect them to buy. In difficult economic times getting people to engage and eventually close on a sale or other service is the challenge that organizations face today whether on the web or in a traditional store.

This is not just marketing issue, it impacts IT, strategic management, business capabilities and other parts of an organization. You can be sure there is a lot of survey analysis, sales analysis, time of day purchasing, product and service preferences, advertising, customer observation and many other marketing and sales analysis approaches. A most useful one though is what is called funnel analysis also known as tunnel and cascade analysis.

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