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Management Science – Analytics for Business Improvement

Being Big Data and Analytics Aware

By Frank Kowalkowski,
President Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

Not just data but immense data

Today we all need to be clearly aware of the benefits and issues that surround big data and the matching analytics that provide the value in using the data. Mobility of Internet of Thing (IoT) is not just a cell phone but the movement of wearable data devices such as health monitors/trackers, tablets, sensors, watches, geo-locators and many other devices depending on occupation and interest. The IoT extends to all the sensors that are currently in place and those scheduled for deployment over the next 10 years and beyond. If you are a government then you are concerned with data from sensors for traffic flow, data on crime rates and locations, high traffic areas and accident rates plus many added items of data. If you are s product company like an auto manufacturer then you might be interested in in all the sensors in the car, the capability of detecting car issues, reporting them to some central place and providing feedback to the owner or dealer about patterns or specific needs of an auto owner. All these sensors generate huge amounts of data.

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