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KCI Events

Professional Training and Webinars
KCI Events

Contact us at request@knowledgebiz.com if you would like KCI to provide any of these events privately to your company or to receive schedules of these events in the future.

Key Process Improvement Techniques

Date: June 21, 2020 08:00 - 15:31

City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operational success depends on successful execution of processes that serve customers. Process performance is not stable. When we are done improving processes they begin a normal and necessary cycle of deterioration and change that relates to keeping the organization aligned with needs of customers and suppliers. Back office processes are then impacted by changes in the operational processes and vice versa. This is how an organization adapts to its environment. Further, as the enablers such as systems, skills, policies and procedures change and age the process get out of alignment with them and both need attention.

There are techniques and tools available today to keep processes, business direction and changes in the environment in a reasonable state of alignment. No method of process management and improvement is perfect since we are dealing with constant change I one direction or another.



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  • From June 21, 2020 08:00 to June 23, 2020 15:31
    Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

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In House Workshops

Knowledge Consultants, Inc. also offers a suite of In House Workshops courses focusing on business analytics, AI, Machine Learning and related enabling skills. Here is a partial list of workshops we offer.

The Past Events page will give you an idea of some of the topics KCI can customize for your company

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