Risk Management

Risk Management


Every organization needs information about threats they face whether they are from competitors, or from the external landscape. The idea of risk assessment has been around for a long time and has well established methods of assessing risk

Risk assessment starts with gathering information on threats that impact the organization. It usually begins with the strategic level and includes all types of threats such as environmental (storms, flood etc.), cyber threats, sabotage, competitive and so on. More advanced methods also use organization, operational, IT and product threat assessments.

What is missing is the capability to link all these together and determine composite horizontal and vertical risk assessments providing a comprehensive risk perspective. Assessments include many factors other than impact and likelihood. These factors include remediation cost, loss, difficulty, importance and other factors that focus the risk analysis on those threats of most significance.

Linking risk assessments together provides a valuable piece of insight for the organization. Using Wizsm hidden relationship analysis, critical risk connections are revealed, and the organization improves the insight into the more fragile parts of the organization that need protection and monitoring.