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Chicago IIBA Meeting (1/16/2013) - Linking Strategy to Requirements

Requirements are a key component of successful business change. Requirements also are often blamed for problems downstream in analysis and development of solutions. A key input driver to enterprise analysis is the business architecture used to describe such things as the business landscape, business structure and related categories of analysis that determine opportunities and solutions for business improvement.

KCI and IBD presented at Chicago's IIBA Chapter on techniques and disciplines of strategic business architecture, process architecture and requirements used to identify and describe the needs and solutions. In this meeting we discussed how to:

  • Represent the structure of the enterprise that is not financial
  • Understand the components of a process architecture
  • Use a technique for ranking processes based on risk versus yield analysis
  • Understand how to use semantic analysis on requirements
  • Link requirements to processes


To download a copy of the IIBA presentation, Click Here!