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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Business Process Management

Processes are critical to business transformation and execution today. Accurately representing a process is critical to realizing the expectations of management when processes are implemented. Before you can accurately represent the process you need to address and analyze performance and improvement issues.

Studies have shown that 75% of process projects fail in some way. So, why can’t companies achieve the improvement they read about in articles and see in presentations? What is it that BPM professionals know about improvement that companies are missing? The underlying reason for the company shortfall is that people don’t know what techniques, methods and tools are available and how to apply them in their situations.

Process management skills are required to support three core areas of business change today: digital transformation, integration or consolidation. They also form the foundation for enterprise growth through acquisitions, adding new products, e-commerce opportunities, e-government and enterprise excellence. Let KCI’s professional services and education courses bring you up to speed with what you need to know to be effective in your next successful process improvement project.