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Digital Transformation with BPMFrank Kowalkowski of KCI provided a features chapter in this book titled ‘Improve, Automate, Digitize. In the opening paragraph under the heading of ‘A Sensible Method of Change’ he focuses on an orderly method of change.

Here is the first Paragraph.

Have you ever wondered why organizations spend a lot of money, get involved with large projects for improvement or transformation, get outside help, and yet, still don’t realize the value they expected? Then, several years later, things seem to get on track or they get worse. Did the management learn anything? Every time a new technology, method or other ‘hot thing’ comes out, organizations try to take advantage of it before the competition. Think knowledge management in the 1990s, AI in the 1980s, Y2K, ERP packages and so on. Now we have digitization, process automation and myriad other technologies pushing their way into the business space.

The book sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is in their BPM series. Copies of the book are available via Amazon or directly from Future Strategies, Inc.

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