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Analytics Managers can Easily Understand and Apply to Everyday Issues!

KCI analytic workflows make analysis tasks easier so you have proven, reliable methods to gain insight to organization issues and opportunities. Whether it is on the CxO level or first line managers, analytics are important in providing quality insight regarding what actions to take. Understanding how to apply tools is key to their success.

Business Analytics – How do you know that your direction is aligned with the execution of the organization? If it is not aligned, how far off is it? What do consumers think of your organization? How about employees? What do you need to know if you want to consolidate operation or find a ‘best fit’ candidate for merger and acquisition? Sentiment analysis gives you some of the answers to those questions and business analytics provide major insights to these interests.

Business Analytics

Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics – Every day decisions are made regarding market opportunities, influences on strategy, changes in the technology of an industry. Decision analysis tools make visible the options that make the most sense. Understanding the influences and impacts of market features is a well-known and often used aspect of decision analytics. Evaluating competitor action is another, as is determining the impact of influence on individual strategies and the strategy set as a whole.

AI Neural Net Analytics – Neural nets are useful for identifying factors (features) that impact key objectives, such as KPIs, process measures, and so on. Which factor has the most impact? What happens if that factor is removed - what factor emerges as a secondary key impact? They are also important for classifying factors that sort 2 or more objectives such as whether to hire or not hire someone. The classification require methods of sorting things in group, an ideal application neural nets.

AI Neural Net Analytics
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