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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

KCI's Public Courses

Knowledge Consultants has provided training for over 17 years within the North American, Europe, Mid-East and Asia continents.

The following schedule represents the training courses being held in the Mid-East and online remotely in 2022. KCI's focus is on multiple topical areas in business and information technology. Course brochures are available on request.

Training Seminars for 2022.

August - September 2022

4 days Business Data Analysis Remote 08/29/2022 - 09/01/2022

October 2022

Business Alignment (In person) Dubai, UAE 10/10-13/2022

November 2022

Hyper Automation Remote 11/14-17/2022

December 2022

Management Analytics (In person) Dubai, UAE 12/05-07/2022

Courses Offered through Innoverto. For Outlines and registrations contact Innoverto.

Discipline Based Analytics

  • BPM Analytics
  • Extended Risk Manageemtn Analytics
  • Leveraging SWOT with Analytics
  • Extending the Balanced Scorecard with Analytics
  • Value Chain Analytic Impact Analysis
  • Value Based Management Analytics
  • Portfolio based Analytics
  • Policies and Procedures (Customized to need such as IT, HR etc.)