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Fraud, duping, data theft in business are as real as they sound.
Fraud accounts for about 5% of loss in many organizations. Understanding who does it, why they do it, what it is they do and how they do it is key to mounting an appropriate response and protective shield for your organization. And to make sure you know how to meet the Fraud Challenge, we at Innoverto have got the perfect course for you.

Understanding Anomalies and Actions
Learn about the well-known methods and tools that deal with fraud and its related risk. Expected Learning Outcomes include:

  • Describe key fraud techniques used today.
  • Explain why risk is related to fraud.
  • Identify the risks related to fraud.
  • Describe how to create a risk register.
  • Understand the assessment of risk
  • Describe how to respond to risk
  • Describe the use of data analytic techniques
  • Define how threats drive fraud response

The course that runs over 4 days x 3 hour sessions at only $499 introduces you to methods and tools that deal with fraud and risks related to it.

Get ahead of the fraudsters.

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