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Aligning with the 4th Industrial Revolution

Anticipating Change – Prepare for Success
The 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR) identified at the World Economic Forum has been accelerated by recent world events such as the current pandemic. Successful managers sense factors of change and anticipate the impact of those changes on their organization, customers, and economy. Anticipation of change factors is the key insight in determining organization direction and survival. Anticipation depends on predicting change and understanding forces that are causing change.

Three industrial revolutions have been identified that had profound impacts on the organizations. For the 4th IR the multi-dimensional view is focused on emerging technologies and how these technologies work together crating new industries and opportunities for existing industries to enter and keep markets. Preparing for change requires some insight into where that change comes from.

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4th Revolution - Innoverto training seminars
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These 3 recordings are an introduction to the idea of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR). They include a brief commentary on the idea of types of economic waves with emphasis on technology waves that are of concern to most organizations today. Following that is information about our 4 part seminar on the 4th IR as offered through Innoverto in Dubai UAE and in the US by KCI. The seminar outline is available in the resources section of the KCI website.

Here is a preview of the seminar:

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