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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Workflow and Workflow Management

Understanding and delivering Workflow


Workflow is a key approach to improving business process and organizational performance today. The includes the three stages of performance improvement as supported by the International Society for Performance Improvement focuses on the Organization, the Processes and the Individuals that execute the processes. In this course the process execution is extended beyond the individuals through other enablers such as systems, policies, procedures, databases and other means of improving and supporting processes. Including all the enablers is the key to successful workflow implementation.

This course explains the most current approaches to workflow. It covers the core concepts in documenting and defining the workflows of the enterprise. The course includes the idea of performance excellence and the center of excellence for workflow. Analytics are included that relate workflows to the performance of the organization. Simple examples are provided of certain types of tools for workflow, performance analytics and enabler impact.

This course includes extensive exercises organized around a case study concept that the participant can use as a workflow project template in their organization. The techniques presented in this workshop provide a staff the means to increase value by starting projects with realistic skills and knowledge.

Duration: 5 days