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KCI Events


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Thursday, 12 July 2018 09:29


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KCI – Enabling Capabilities with Learning Events

Knowledge Consultants participates in a number of venues for communicating exciting idea and concepts that are emerging as opportunities for organization to improve, expand, grow, develop and enhance their capabilities.

These events include professional training, webinars, conference participation, road shows and other media events designed to make new things available to organizations internationally.

Check out the Current Events page for exciting upcoming classes and webinars. New significant events are also highlighted through the ‘What’s New’ on the home page.

Upcoming Dubai Courses

Planned 2024 Dubai Events, dates to be announced when scheduled:

Emerging AI and ML Capabilities, Enabling the Informed Manager and Analyst
Recent advances in AI/ML analytics provide better insight into the information that managers and analysts rely on when making better decisions. The use of machine learning analytics by managers is best enabled when managers and business analysts have access to AI/ML knowledge, methods, techniques, and tools easy to use.

Essential Management Analytics, Four Key Business Analytics for Managers
Recent advances in analytics provide better insight into the information that managers rely on when making better decisions. Management performance is closely tied to the results of the decisions made by managers. Performance is best enabled when managers have access to tools and methods that are easy to use, apply to a problem or issue, and make sense for the tasks a manager executes.

Effective Strategic Alignment, Anticipating Strategy to Execution Impact
Change inside the organization and external to it must be assessed. Effective and productive managers should have the knowledge and skills to apply analytics using a systematic and structured method for alignment.

Effective Business Transformation with AI/ML, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Rapidly changing technology such as the current wave of AI/ML can create chaos in an organization and a tendency to select large projects that fail. The reason is simple, it is not clear where to connect the AI/ML capability to the organization. Identifying points of value in applying these capabilities is essential to successful value achievement.

Look for topical videos and outlines for these courses in Resources on the KCI website and ‘Innovrto.com, Upcoming Training’ for dates.

All courses in the US/Canada are taught in house for increased awareness of topics or training teams in a workshop version.

In House Workshops

Knowledge Consultants, Inc. also offers a suite of In House Workshops courses focusing on business analytics, AI, Machine Learning and related enabling skills. Here is a partial list of workshops we offer.

The Past Events page will give you an idea of some of the topics KCI can customize for your company

For pricing and quotes contact KCI at request@knowledgebiz.com