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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

In House Workshops

Workshops to build skills

Many organizations need to build knowledge and skills that deliver improved performance. Knowledge Consultants (KCI) provides workshop oriented training courses using your material that provides hands on skill development. This approach is much more cost effective than sending one or two people to a public training course. The reduced travel and fees related to in house courses improves the value per training dollar. It also gives your staff experience with working on real material. The following are some of the more popular in house cost effective workshops that KCI provides:

  • Core Portfolio Management Analytics – Key analytics for managing various types of portfolios of concern by managers and analysts today. These include Projects, Processes, Strategies, Innovation Initiatives and other portfolios.

  • Advanced Business Process Management – Key emerging methods of process improvement, process governance and core process assessment methodology with analytics

  • Business Analysis using AI/ML techniques – Applying core machine learning analytics to everyday situations that every manager and analyst can use out of the box

  • Management Decision Making  – Applying key business statistics, and five key AI/ML analytic techniques supporting decision making in business today

  • The Business Use of AI – Applying emerging and core AI concepts such as Generative AI, Diagnostic Techniques, Predictive Analytics and applying them to remain abreast of the  many organizations worldwide that have key automation initiatives.

Skills development enables the organization response as to business challenges. So as you examine the content of these brochures visualize how you can best fit these to your organization and its needs. If you don't see something that is quite on target, KCI will design workshops to fit your needs.

KCI workshops are conducted internationally and are available through regional partners in various worldwide locations.

For more information:
Contact KCI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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