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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

At times, we thought you would never ask!

KCI can provide various services and training based upon your needs.   Here are some of the typical questions we've been asked.  

1.  Do you provide customized training? 

     Yes, we can provide customized training to serve you needs.   The training can occur within your location or be facilitated at an external location.

2.  What is the normal time period to prepare for customized training. 

     Depending upon the your goals, the depth of the content required, the audience, and the location, we can normally accomodate a training event within 3 months.

3.  Is there an option to provide training via an on-line training program?  

     Yes, depending on the subject and content.   Some courses are very interactive while others use a mixture of interactive and hands-on software tools.  If the course requires lots of hands-on tools, the program requires specific deadlines and schedules that must be meet by the enrollee. 

4.  What is the typical cost for a course?  

     A course is priced based upon the number of students who attend the in-house training.  Pricing is typically based upon an increments of five (5) students.    

If you have any additional questions, please contact us with your question or questions.