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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Monday, 06 February 2012 23:32

Business Analytics

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Insight into the business

Business analysis depends on successful application of three different types of analytics, financial, quantitative and descriptive. These three legs of the analysis triangle provide a guideline to successful analysis. Business analysis is process and operational focused and hence has an internal focus. These techniques may also be applied to an external view such as for merger, acquisition, divestiture, privatization, consolidation and outsourcing. Business analysis also leads to the development of requirements for process change, application acquisition (application development, package deployment or services articulation) and assessment of change impact. Business analysis also includes topics of operational due diligence, performance measurement, knowledge management, product architecture, process architecture, competitive intelligence and business intelligence. 

KCI offers service that include analysis of operations, product architecture analysis for platform identification, requirements development for business systems as well as computer applications and competitive intelligence capability development.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data analysis and analytics with KPIs, KRIs and KIIs
  • Econometrics and environmental scanning
  • Simulation for processes and problem solving
  • Performance Management
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