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Conversations on Management and Technology

A series of discussions among a group of practitioners in the use of new technologies, the changing environments and other topics that emerge during the discussions that mangers must deal with today. The discussions include invited guests with particular viewpoints and experiences.

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Strategic Alignment

IRM/UK Business Analysis

Frank Kowalkowski will be speaking at the IRM/UK Business Analysis conference in London September 20th.

The topic is Strategic Alignment in 3 Easy Steps.

The presentiation is available for download for this event here.

Aligning with the 4th Industrial Revolution

Anticipating Change – Prepare for Success
The 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR) identified at the World Economic Forum has been accelerated by recent world events such as the current pandemic. Successful managers sense factors of change and anticipate the impact of those changes on their organization, customers, and economy. Anticipation of change factors is the key insight in determining organization direction and survival. Anticipation depends on predicting change and understanding forces that are causing change.

Three industrial revolutions have been identified that had profound impacts on the organizations. For the 4th IR the multi-dimensional view is focused on emerging technologies and how these technologies work together crating new industries and opportunities for existing industries to enter and keep markets. Preparing for change requires some insight into where that change comes from.

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4th Revolution - Innoverto training seminars
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These 3 recordings are an introduction to the idea of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR). They include a brief commentary on the idea of types of economic waves with emphasis on technology waves that are of concern to most organizations today. Following that is information about our 4 part seminar on the 4th IR as offered through Innoverto in Dubai UAE and in the US by KCI. The seminar outline is available in the resources section of the KCI website.

Here is a preview of the seminar:

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Keep your business out of their business

Fraud, duping, data theft in business are as real as they sound.
Fraud accounts for about 5% of loss in many organizations. Understanding who does it, why they do it, what it is they do and how they do it is key to mounting an appropriate response and protective shield for your organization. And to make sure you know how to meet the Fraud Challenge, we at Innoverto have got the perfect course for you.

Understanding Anomalies and Actions
Learn about the well-known methods and tools that deal with fraud and its related risk. Expected Learning Outcomes include:

  • Describe key fraud techniques used today.
  • Explain why risk is related to fraud.
  • Identify the risks related to fraud.
  • Describe how to create a risk register.
  • Understand the assessment of risk
  • Describe how to respond to risk
  • Describe the use of data analytic techniques
  • Define how threats drive fraud response

The course that runs over 4 days x 3 hour sessions at only $499 introduces you to methods and tools that deal with fraud and risks related to it.

Get ahead of the fraudsters.

The Fraud Challenge - Innoverto training courses and events

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Business and Dynamic Change - The Arrival of Business Architecture

Today with impending 4th Industrial Revolution emerging and the rapid increase in technology advances related to IoT, AI, Nano Technology, Biotech, Big Data Analytics and several others there is a need to have a systematic approach to dealing with the structure of organizations. Analysts especially business analysts, must deal with transforming how the organization supports customer interactions. What do these changes mean for business performance, adaptation and continuity?

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KCI initiates management and professional remote learning:

Knowledge Consultants Inc. is offering its management and professional education courses using advanced remote learning with interactive instructor sessions. This is an alternative for mangers and professionals that want to increase their skills and truly learn about a particular topic. Learning involves active interaction with instructor led material, external material and hands on exercised for material retention.

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Intelligent Automation

Knowledge Consultants president Frank Kowalkowski has a chapter in the recently released book titled ‘Intelligent Automation’. The chapter is titled ‘Intelligent Automation and Intelligent Analytics’ and focuses on how to include analytics with the automation effort. The book contains 7 chapters on automation and a number of case studies to see how organizations implemented intelligent automation.

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BPM Transformation and Real- World Execution

Frank Kowalkowski of KCI provided a features chapter in this book titled ‘Improve, Automate, Digitize. In the opening paragraph under the heading of ‘A Sensible Method of Change’ he focuses on an orderly method of change.

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Real World, Theory and Application - KCI Publication

Passports to Success in BPMFrank Kowalkowski of KCI provided a features chapter in this book titled ‘Using Analytics to Identify Process Opportunities’. In the opening paragraph under the heading of ‘Process Performance and the Business Enterprise’ he focuses on process performance management and improvement.

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