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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Process Architecture and the Link to Business Strategy


The process architecture defines the inter operability of processes with each other and the rest of the enterprise. This inter operability is crucial for adapting rapidly to changes in the business environment. Not only are processes linked from an execution point of view but they have touchpoints to the many dimensions of the enterprise such as locations, organizations, documents, systems, databases and so on. Process architecture also has many manifestations depending on the modeling choices that are made by the enterprise such as functional decompositions, execution decompositions, process flows, process flows with swimlanes, matrices that show linkage and strategy maps to show impact.

Understanding the core set of architecture components needed for a process architecture is critical to the executions of the processes of an organization. Further, the process architecture must link to the product architecture and eventually to the strategies of the organization. This course presents a complete and straightforward approach to documenting and using these architectures. The process architecture must also connect to the enabler architectures such as policies and procedures, systems, documents, databases and skills.

Duration: 4 days