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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Essential Business Process Management Featured


Process performance and improvement are two keys in improving business execution today. They form the basis of efficiently and effectively delivering both products and services to the customer.

Today, enterprise transfor-mation, integration and consolidation are sweeping organizations. Process understanding and analysis are a crucial foundation for e-commerce, e-government and enterprise excellence. A key result of process management is achieving a lean and more flexible organization.

This seminar covers the core concepts in documenting and improving the processes of the enterprise. The seminar includes the idea of process excellence and the center of excellence for processes. A technique for determining process rank based on yield versus risk is also covered contributing to an ISO compliant view of processes. Sections are included that cover the increasing emphasis on the digital enterprise and workflow usage.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this dynamic, hands-on course:

  • Use the steps of BPM to create and manage process deliverables (artifacts).
  • Summarize requirements for a process.
  • Produce process diagrams that reflect requirements.
  • Describe why process context provides a measure of risk in process improvement.
  • Explain why measures are important to assessing return-on-investment (ROI ) for process improvement.
  • Demonstrate how to simplify, consolidate and integrate processes
  • Explain process enablers (such as: skills, IT, and policies and procedures) and why they are important to process performance.

Duration: 4 days