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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Advanced Business Process Management

Implications of Business Process Management


New types of processes and Business Process Modeling (BPM) approaches are emerging constantly, creating a daunting task for most process projects. Whether the projects are for basic improvements or a complete enterprise transformation, understanding the newer approaches such as case management, value stream analysis and agile BPM are key to process success.

During a project you can encounter process types you are not familiar with such as hidden, analytic and integration flows. Further, you may deal with reference process models from packages, industry and professional groups and need analytics to compare them to existing or new process structures.

This seminar provides working knowledge of the more recent types of process flows, the technology emerging to implement those flows and the techniques of integration and assessment needed for enterprise scale projects. New techniques of process management have emerged over the last 20 years that have practical and established implementation approaches. Examples of E-Flow, Integration, process mining and analytic modeling tools are provided through demonstration.

  • Develop a basic strategy map connecting strategies to processes that impact the strategies.
  • Explain why changes key processes may or may not impact a strategy
  • Recognize what kind of process you are working with and how that process might be improved
  • Differentiate between case, workflow, art type and scientific processes and the means to meas-ure and analyze each.
  • Describe the different approaches to BPM that have been successful and explain their key parts.
  • Demonstrate Working through alternative for process improvement and simplification.

Duration: 4 days