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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Business Process Management with Visio

Visio Skills for doing Business Process Management


Visio is the most commonly used process mapping product in the world. Yet, there are few methodologies that use the capabilities of the Visio product to advantage. Visio has all the needed elements, swimlanes and other components of good mapping tools. Most people know how to use Visio so there is a very small learning curve with the product itself. All that remains is a good, disciplined approach to applying the Visio capabilities to process management.

This course brings order and discipline to the use of Visio with such topics as mapping symbols, simple graphic layout techniques, adding enablers, effectively using swimlanes, best practices in drawing layout, what features to avoid, how to create and manage a process library and many more handy techniques for good mapping practices.

Many formal process management products also will accept a Visio diagram as input. This course gives the skills needed to make this transition as seamless as possible. A process analytic tool is also used in the class that inputs Visio diagram and performs semantic analysis to compare diagram.

Duration: 4 days