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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Business Architecture and Analysis

Drives Organizational Performance

With all the volatility in economies today there is a need to understand the scope and magnitude of change required to align and manage markets, products, processes and enablers of an organization. There are two key skill that support this need, business analysis skills and business architecture skills. A skilled analyst is disciplined in several forms of analysis such as financial, systems, process, quantitative, descriptive, computer, technology and many others.

Organizations today have considerable financial and quantitative data available. A lot of descriptive material is available as models of processes, chart of accounts, bill of material, application flowcharts, UML diagrams and many other forms of models. The elements of these models make up the primitives needed to describe the architecture of an organization. The architecture is then used for various forms of business impact analysis, ranking techniques and other methods of analysis.

KCI currently provides the following courses in business analysis and architecture:

  • Business Architecture
  • Functional Architecture
  • Business Architecture for managers
  • Essential Data Analysis
  • Product and Process Architecture
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis
  • IT Architecture
  • Core Methods of Business Analysis
  • Architecture Management
Last modified on Monday, 10 April 2023 16:48