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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Performance Management and Reporting

Performance management of the organization is of prime interest today for every enterprise. There are a number of management disciplines that can be applied to an enterprise to gain insight into issues of performance. In fact there are over 65 of these disciplines available to managers today. There are several enterprise focused disciplines that seem to predominate, such as: balanced scorecard for performance internally, value chain for process improvement and the five forces for strategic management. Additionally there are a number of disciplines for functional areas, such as: HR, Finance, IT and so on. Evan more there are capability oriented disciplines such as the Rummler – Brache approach for process management, capability maturity approach and total quality approaches to mention a few.

KCI provides training in several of these disciplines plus key information on how to relate them together and use architecture concepts to increase their value to management through techniques of impact analysis. The courses listed below provide a comprehensive education for any management group:

Strategic Management

  • Enterprise performance management
  • Strategic Business Planning  
  • Management disciplines (5 Forces, Balanced Scorecard, Value Chain) 
  • Enterprise analysis and enterprise architecture 
  • Effective business and enterprise integration
  • Effectively using Balanced Scorecard – A Hands on Approach
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Strategic Enterprise Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Methods
  • Benchmarking for Strategic Excellence
  • Essential Management Reporting
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence