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Professional Education

Focusing on Knowledge Transfer
Professional Education

Effective Business Intelligence

Performance excellence in business depends on high quality, timely data presented in a clear and simple manner to all layers of management. The emphasis today in management is on performance reporting for decision making, not just the everyday factors but enterprise wide performance factors such as key results indicators (KRI) and key performance indicators (KPI) coupled with competitive intelligence interests. Methods and tools have evolved recently that point to best practices in business intelligence. These accepted methods and tools include management disciplines, dashboards, briefing books and reports to analyze the business. Business intelligence requires more than just rolling up data for senior managers. Business data must be delivered in a clear and concise manner in context of pressing business issues. If not, managers may be misled and worst, they may make decisions based on bad information. Here are expected learning benefits that you can apply directly to your job include:

  • Prepare a basic analytic workflow
  • Define the drill down taxonomy used by managers and staff to display data from a data warehouse
  • Consolidate multiple views of data across the organization
  • Define a technology architecture perspective suitable for managing the data of business intelligence
  • Organize a metadata library for reference and reuse of data definitions material
  • Develop a deployment action plan to implement a BI solution

Duration: 4 Days