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Professional Services

Knowledge Management - KMI Event

Developing strategy provides direction in terms of what we are going to do which is a responce to the business environment, while the business architecture defines the structure of how we intend to execute the delivery of goods or services into that market. The 2 core enablers of execution today are knowledge and the digital part of the enterprise or as most people say "IT".

Effective use and management of knowledge depends on the linkage to the business architecture.

The business architecture is made up of several types of models that contain language phrases. These phrases can be used in analytics to assess the impact of change, rank options and compare alternatives. These phrase analytics provide a link between strategy, process management, and knowledge. There are 5 categories of models that form the business architecture. A key category of business architecture is the knowledge model of the business. Constructing and analyzing the knowledge model is core to understanding impact of change on the knowledge of the enterprise.

Learn more about becoming a Certified Knowledge Practioner at Knowledge Management Institute's Showcase Event in Washington, D.C. on September 10-11th. We will be presenting at the event on the 10th.