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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Monday, 24 October 2011 13:33

Effectively Managing and Implementing Policies & Procedures

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From the CEO to the front line worker, everyone needs to know the how to execute the key processes of the enterprise. Workflow, process flow, policies and procedures all need some form of documentation and communication to the enterprise workforce. With all the changes in today’s business environment, keeping these updated, current, complete and relevant has become much more significant.

This course brings together several different perspectives and components of documenting policies, procedures and processes in the enterprise. Key questions in managing and implementing are answered such as:

•           What is the life cycle of policies and procedures?

•           What is a methodology for developing them?

•           How do you organize them?

•           How do you manage them?

•           How do these procedures relate to policies?

•           What is the relationship of policies, procedures and processes?

Each area of the enterprise has its own way of looking at how things get done. Important processes emerge from everyday business needs and have default procedures that people are comfortable with. This makes compliance with procedures today an important consideration of any policies and procedure system. Lectures are supplemented by exercises and demonstrations of tools providing the attendee rich learning experience.

Duration:     4 days

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